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Thông tin sản phẩm

Progard Foam Sprinkler được thiết kế để xả bọt cơ học theo kiểu phun xịt. Đây là một vòi phun nước mở được sử dụng trong các hệ thống tràn ngập trên cao, nơi cần có tấm bọt để dập tắt đám cháy ở mức mặt đất.


05 FS-B The Progard Foam Sprinkler is designed to discharge mechanical foam in a pendent spray pattern. It is an open sprinkler used in overhead deluge systems where a foam blanket is required to extinguish the fire hazard at ground level. When the foam supply has been exhausted, the sprinkler will continue to deliver cooling water to the hazard area. The foam sprinkler is used for controlling, extinguishing or preventing flammable liquid fires and hazardous chemicals. These sprinklers form a part of a foam deluge sprinkler system specifically engineered as to nozzle type and piping to provide the required degree of protection. The system is activated manually or by means of a separate actuation system sensing either the rate of temperature rise or the generation of products of combustion. Typical applicaitons include aircraft hangers, chemical plants, tanker loading gantries, pump rooms, flammable liquid stores and spray paint booths. The recommended minimum pressure to achieve a reasonable spray pattern is 2.0 bar (30 psi). The sprinkler has a ½” male pipe thread inlet connection.
Technical Data
Mounting : Pendent
Material : Bras

Working Pressure : 12.3 bar (175 psi) max
Recommended : 2.0 bar (30 psi)
Finish : Brass
End connection : ½” BSPT male (or ½” NPT male)
Dimensions : 54 mm diameter x 157 mm

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